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Brest City Tour is the most convenient and easiest way to explore the city’s history and see its landmarks in a relatively short time, just over an hour. The route has been designed to cover the main attractions of historical Brest for you to savor its cultural and architectural heritage and plunge into the world of history and empathy. Enjoy beautiful city sights from our tour bus with panoramic windows, a glass roof, and a national-style interior providing additional comfort along the way. Our experienced guides can engage and spark an interest not just in guests but even in Brest residents.

Check out our website for the current schedule, prices and the bus departure place. You can pay in Belarusian BYN just before the bus leaves. Bank cards are accepted. Along with the ticket, you will get a leaflet with a map that displays sightseeing places, cafes, shops, and much more.

We have been working hard to offer you an exceptional service and the most enjoyable experience and memories from your stay in our city!





Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress

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A survivor of two World Wars, Brest Fortress with its area of 4 sq. km is a major tourist attraction in Brest and one of the national landmarks. It was built in 1842 on the site of the demolished city of Brest-Litovsk to solidify the western borders of the Russian Empire. Work on strengthening the Fortress continued until late 1914 and resulted in the creation of a system of powerful defensive fortifications (forts) around it. The Fortress suffered major devastation during World War II and after it. In commemoration of the feat of the Fortress’ defenders, Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex was opened in 1971.

During our tour, plunge into the world of history and empathy to feel the magnificence, severity and tragedy of the events that the Fortress witnessed. We will be delighted to offer you the most suitable program customized to your specific preferences and wishes. The duration of the tour depends on the subject and varies from one to three hours, and the group can even consist of one person.




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The 5th Fort is an example of Russian fortification art and the best-preserved defensive structure built around Brest Fortress in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The tour includes above ground and underground itineraries, with an exciting journey with lanterns along the underground posters and artillery caponiers, where you can feel like a real digger. Please note that tour is totally safe and visiting the Fort can be especially captivating for children. The duration of the tour is up to two hours.




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Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the oldest reserve and one of the favorite hunting grounds of Polish kings and Russian emperors. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is the only large forest in central Europe that has retained its original appearance, with 600-year-old oaks and 350-year-old pines and ash trees. It is home to over 900 species of plants and about 59 species of mammals, including the symbol and pride of Belarus, the European bison.

The National Park is located 60 km away from Brest. On your way, you will pass the unique 13th-century military architecture monument, the Belaya Vezha Tower. In the National Park, you will be able to visit the Grandfather Frost Estate, take a general sightseeing tour around the reserve, and visit the Folk Life and Ancient Technologies Museum to get insight of the culture, traditions, and everyday life of the 19th century people living in the forest. Then visit the Museum of Nature and walk along the open-air cages with animals. In addition, you can take a bike ride along special routes in the National Park (subject to good weather and your insatiable desire).

At request, we can arrange for an individual tour around the preserved areas of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. A guide will tell you details of the history of the reserve, its flora and fauna. Make sure to visit a cafe or a restaurant in the Park to try wild game meat or other delicious dishes. The individual program is customized based on your preferences.




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Brest is considered one of the oldest cities in modern Belarus. Berestye was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1017 or 1019, according to various sources. During its history, the city was part of several principalities and countries and survived two World Wars. Brest has always been located at the intersection of trade routes and, sadly, roads of wars. All European and Russian historical events were reflected in the history of Brest and influenced its development. This is a melting pot where the Belarusian, Polish and Russian cultures merged together.

Learn about the present, architectural appearance, main monuments of the past and the present, outstanding people of different historical periods associated with Brest and influencing its history to get memorable experience. The tour is divided into two parts, the bus tour and the walking tour. The duration depends on the subject you have chosen and varies from one to three hours. We can offer you a customized program based on your needs and preferences.




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On November 10, 2019, Presidential Decree No. 300 On Establishing a Visa-Free Procedure for Entry and Exit of Foreign Nationals is entering into force. The Decree expands the visa-free stay area and duration in Grodno and Brest Regions. Now, the two previously separate visa-free tourist and recreational areas of Brest and Grodno have been merged into one Visa-Fee Brest-Grodno Area. Five more districts in Grodno Region have also been added. The visa-free tourist stay period in the Visa-Free Brest-Grodno Area has been increased to 15 days for foreign nationals of 73 countries. Additionally, tour groups can travel without visas throughout the entire Grodno and Brest Regions.

You can visit the Brest-Grodno Area without a visa if you have a standard-form document issued to a foreign national by an authorized Belarusian travel agency.

To obtain this document, a tourist must:

- Contact us at no later than 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date.

- Provide us with a copy (scan) of the passport page with the photo.

- Provide us with travel details (estimated visit dates, entry border checkpoint, and overnight stay place).

- Book our travel services and provide contact details (email) for communication. We will send the permit to the email you have provided.

- Receive the invoice and make payment. We will send an invoice for our services to your email. Belarusian residents make payment in Belarusian rubles. Non-residents can pay in USD or EUR to the specified account.

- Receive documents. We will send them within 1 or 2 business days to your email.

When entering Belarus under a visa-free regime, a foreign national must show the following at the border checkpoint:

- Valid travel document (passport)

- Standard-form permit for visiting the visa-free area that we have sent to your email

- Health insurance for your stay in Belarus to be obtained before entry



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